Free Online Radio

The purpose of this site is to provide a directory of all free online radio stations with proper documentation to help you choose the correct online radio station for you. As free online radio changes the music industry, we'll be your directory in selecting your free online radio station.

Top 3 Free Online Stations

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Out of the thousands of free online radio stations, Pandora stormed into the internet offering what many have longed for; a radio station that plays music everyone will enjoy. Its site is created from the Music Genome Project. The Music Genome Project recorded traits such as gender of lead vocalist, level of distortion on the electric guitar, type of background vocals for thousands of songs. Pandora ingeniously and continuously refers songs that correlate with your likes and dislikes. Pandora is not perfect, occasionally it may give an odd referral or not offer enough variety but overall it is must try for all free online radio enthusiasts.

Echoboost Online Radio

Echoboost Online Radio

Echoboot is a new free online radio station bursting with excitement. Focusing all of its attention on undiscovered, unsigned and independent music, www.echoboost.com is the perfect online radio to discover the new music you're looking for. As the listener, you choose any combination of your desired genres, as well as the origin location of the music. For example, if you lived in San Diego and wanted to hear the independent musicians from your area, you could set the player to play music from artists within 50 miles of San Diego and discover music being created from your area. Not only can you choose the genre and location of your playlist, you have full control of the player. You can boost the songs you like and drop the songs you dislike so you hear exactly what you want from your personalized online radion station.


Yahoo! Music

Yahoo Radio is one of the most used radio stations today. With over 2,000 stations, there is sure to be one that you'll love.